About Us

Saz Shades is a Black owned business based in London. The CEO, was raised in London before she decided to move to Dubai for a few years. Over the years she observed fashion and noticed that sunglasses played a major role in complementing all types of outfits.
Saz Shades brings you an infusion of London fashion and Dubai luxury. Introducing affordable sunglasses stored in protective cases, suitable for both day and evening wear. Saz Shades aims to provide a variety of sunglasses accustomed to style a diverse range of individuals. Each pair of sunglasses have been designed to deliver a unique sense of fashion, including retro, chic and classic styles. What makes us a distinctive brand is that we are mindful that a pair of sunglasses a person chooses to wear on a specific day is a reflection of their current mood. This is taken into consideration during the creative process. We take pride in your unique style!